Environment & industry

Innovative and sustainable

Our foam solutions for tank insulation, filters, sponges and seals are innovative and sustainable.

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packaging solutions

Valuable products should be protected

Our functional and visually appealing foam packaging solutions take away the risk and give you peace of mind.

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We make sure you sleep comfortably

Our high-quality foam mattress cores are key to a good night’s sleep.

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Upholstered furniture

Comfort is essential in the home

Our foams for upholstered furniture, chairs and corner benches provide unique seating comfort, combined with attractive design and functionality.

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Fast, fit & functional for the automotive industry

We equip premium vehicles with foam trim parts for the interior and luggage compartment, as well as customised acoustic components for the interior and engine compartment.

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Aircraft seats

The power of comfort – for more enjoyable flying

Cushions are the most important part of an aircraft seat. Our foam seat cushions ensure comfort, well-being and safety.

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Acoustics & soundproofing

Comfort for the ears

Our foam solutions for room acoustics and footfall sound insulation let you enjoy a calm, relaxed and blissfully quiet environment.

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3,730 employees

in 62 locations

Leisure & sports

Foams have a wide range of uses in the leisure and sports segment

Our solutions for sports mats, clothing, equipment and shoes provide the optimal conditions for leisure and sports activities.

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