Aircraft seats

Creating an outstanding passenger experience – our seat cushions and dress covers provide passengers with the ultimate in comfort and design.

As the manufacturer of aircraft seat cushions and dress covers, we supply flawlessly designed and customised products to the world’s major airlines. We act as a one-stop shop, from the initial design and prototyping through to mandatory fire testing and high-precision manufacturing.


Our cushions and dress covers are constructed or moulded from various PU foams. For the covers, we use a range of leather and fabric materials supplied by our customers that are certified for the aviation industry. Our focus is on extremely lightweight solutions and high-quality finishing.

How our customers benefit

  • ­­Customised design of seat cushions and covers to suit our customers’ individual needs
  • ­A wide range of options for perfect comfort and optimised weight thanks to the use of different foams
  • In-house foam moulding, which enables highly complex contours to be moulded
  • ­Four production sites worldwide with uniform production standards, enabling global, direct delivery of our products
  • ­Continuous innovations and product enhancements
  • ­Assemblies as all-in-one solutions