Fast, fit and functional for the automotive industry – our solutions

make exclusive cars even more attractive, quieter and more efficient.

As a tier 1 supplier to the automotive sector, we chiefly provide functional trim parts for the interior and luggage compartment of premium vehicles, as well as customised acoustics components for the interior and engine compartment of such vehicles. The product range for the interior consists of permanently mounted and self-supporting parcel shelves, luggage compartment covers, convertible roof compartments and luggage compartment floors. In the acoustics segment, we offer our customers engine and transmission encapsulation solutions, absorbers made from high-expansion foam and absorbers for the vehicle body.

Materials and process technology

We offer a wide range of solutions. We use a variety of material structures made from polyurethane foams, thermo-pressed polypropylene fleeces, glass fibres, natural fibres and new and recycled foams. Weight reduction through lightweight construction, thermal management and acoustic management plays a key role.

State-of-the art production facilities and methods provide a technological edge. We use technologies such as thermoforming, friction welding, ultrasonic welding and facing with other materials.

How our customers benefit

Thanks to our high-quality, bespoke product solutions, combined with attractive design, we have a proven track record (extending back many years) as a reliable and innovative partner. We place great importance on research and development. Our highly qualified staff works together with our customers on product development, right from the very first phase of development. The focus is on innovative solutions and fast implementation. We develop and implement JIS (just in sequence) and JIT (just in time) delivery in coordination with our customers.


Interior solutions

Acoustic solutions