Creative ideas and an optimal organisational structure are key to innovative, forward-looking solutions.

Our innovation management combines various fields and sites within the company group. Valuable input is provided by our customers, staff, the market and a wide range of other network partners, such as universities, institutes and suppliers. To make the best possible use of those different channels, Greiner Foam International uses platforms and communities that gather and evaluate the information and implement the relevant solutions through intensive, sometimes group-wide processes.

Greiner Foam International is currently focusing on the following areas:

Bioplastics / Biofoams

Biodegradable plastics:

Following the end of their useful life, these plastics are biodegraded. Degradability is determined by the chemical structure of the given plastic – it can be produced from renewable or fossil raw materials.

Bio-based plastics

The companies of Greiner Foam International are analysing renewable raw material sources that have comparable structures and similar material properties to conventional plastics. Vegetable oils are already used in the polyurethane industry.

Smart plastics / smart foam

Smart through functionality – Our focus is on plastics-related technologies that increase the added value of our products and materials. The following are examples of that:

Advanced Insulation

This involves the need for more advanced thermal insulation and acoustic insulation. The use of new insulation materials is being investigated.


We are also focused on improving electrical and magnetic conductivity.

Digitalisation / Industry 4.0

Smart Mattresses

High-tech solutions for the bedroom – cutting-edge technology can improve how we sleep. There are numerous possibilities, from sleep phase analysis through to the monitoring of body temperature, heart rate and breathing.

Mattress retail 2.0

A reasonably priced mattress to suit everyone’s needs that can be ordered conveniently online. We are aware of the market potential of this innovative business model.



3D Printing

We are investigating the possible application and functionality of 3D-printed foam structures made from thermoplastics and the use of 3D plastic parts.

3D printing techniques are also of relevance to Greiner Foam International for ultra-short production runs and rapid prototyping.

Process technology and Automation 

… call for constant innovation and bespoke solutions. Our aims are increased productivity and enhanced quality.

The following developments are examples of that:

  • Simulated foam moulding during the development phase
  • 3D designs
  • Load simulation
  • Facing processes
  • Just-in-sequence production

New Work

Factors such as digitalisation, the pace of new developments and the needs of new generations are reshaping and driving the working world.

Our “new work” field involves developments and forward-looking topics in relation to knowledge work and office work that may be of relevance to the Greiner Group.

The focus is on increased flexibility and mobility, robots and digitalisation, and new organisational structures.