Packaging solutions

Let us take care of protecting your valuable products.

Our risk-free innovative packaging gives you peace of mind.

Under the pactec name, Eurofoam offers  foam product solutions for packaging.


We make use of an extremely wide range of materials to meet the individual needs of our customers. We offer product solutions made from PUR foams, PE foam systems, EPP and EPS foams and all-in-one systems. Your wish is our command!

How our customers benefit

Our packaging solutions not only have optimal damping properties to absorb vibrations, impacts and jolts, but also provide protection for your products that is sturdy, handy, stackable, quiet and, above all, light.

In other words, the tare weight is minimal …


We develop a wide range of product solutions in conjunction with our customers:
  • Tamper-evident packaging, reusable packaging and transport packaging
  • Packaging for electrostatic-sensitive devices (ESDs)
  • Moulded foam containers and trays made from EPP, EPE and EPS foams
  • Customised case solutions and carrying cases
  • Advertising and promotional items