Structure & companies

The Greiner Foam International companies are diverse, just like foam and its uses.

Eurofoam is a European market leader in the production and conversion of polyurethane flexible foams. With 36 sites in 11 countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Eurofoam has a dense network of production and conversion sites.
Its product range consists of special foam solutions for home & sleep comfort, the automotive industry, leisure & sports, medical devices & healthcare, the environment & industry, and packaging solutions. 


Greiner Perfoam develops and produces functional trim parts specifically for the interior and luggage compartment of premium vehicles, as well as customised acoustic components for the interior and engine compartment of such vehicles. In addition to the production of those parts, Greiner Perfoam offers innovative solutions for parcel shelves, luggage compartment covers, acoustic insulation and luggage compartment floors.

Greiner aerospace has established a strong international reputation as a leading producer of innovative aircraft seat solutions. At 7 sites across the globe, the company produces cushions and dress covers for aircraft seats, which are delivered to all major seat manufacturers and airlines. It specialises in the mass production of seat cushions and dress covers for the aviation industry. The company also offers extensive customer service, ranging from selection of materials and prototyping through to fire testing.

Greiner MULTIfoam is one of the leading producers of high-quality composite foams and has operations at 3 sites in Europe.
Its focus is on the production and bespoke conversion of composite foams, which are produced using newly produced offcuts from polyurethane flexible foam conversion. Composite foam is used in the sports, leisure, construction and shoe industry.

Greiner PURTEC, which has 2 sites in Europe, specialises in the production of innovative tank insulation. It also provides solutions in the field of thermal and acoustic insulation for the building and window segment, as well as solutions for refrigeration and air conditioning technology. In addition, Greiner PURTEC offers an extensive product line for the enhancement of room acoustics under the audiofoam brand.

Unifoam is one of South Africa’s largest polyurethane flexible foam producers and has been 80% owned by Greiner Foam International. The company specialises in the production of high-quality foams, mattresses and precision parts for the upholstered furniture industry.